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Peel & Stick - Soft Top Replacement Pallet Rubber

We are pleased to be able to offer you a new solution for laminating your pallets with soft top rubber. Now available - rubber with pre-applied peel & stick tape. Simply peel the backing liner from the tape and you are ready to laminate the rubber to the pallets.

It eliminates all contact adhesives. It is an 80% time savings and 100% ecologically friendly. There are no fumes, no cleanup, no hazardous materials and it's easy and fast.

Simply peel the yellow liner from the tape and you are ready to stick the rubber to the pallets. It's as easy as 1-2-3!


Roller Squeegees for all Automatic Printers

"We guarantee you'll see the difference!"

" I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, print white plastisol ink without this again - you'll kick yourself after you've tried it for not doing it sooner."

Best Testimonial

The Roller Squeegee has a variety of applications which both improve your production rates and the quality of the products that you are producing. Here is a list of the most obvious uses:

We offer you a unconditional 100% money back guarantee if you are not truly satisfied with this exciting new product. Try one today and you will put one on every machine in your shop.

Double Stroke Squeegees

Improved Double Stroke Squeegees eliminate the need for having to stroke your screen twice and give you more penetration through the screen and substrate. They increase productivity dramatically on those jobs which presently require that you double stroke your image.

With Water Based Inks and discharge inks the objective is to effect maximum penetration without bleeding through the garment.

  • Our Double Stroke Squeegees comes with 70 Duro Rubber installed in the front and 70/90/70 Duro in the rear.

  • The effect of using the second squeegee blade behind the first results in an increase of penetration into the fabric.

  • Especially useful for pushing plastisol through small mesh openings Most commonly 16" ( 40cm ) but other sizes are available.

Double Stroke Squeegees are available for use on almost all automatic machines. These special squeegees have a 15 degree angle designed into the assembly.

Hinged Sleeve Pallets

Hinged Sleeve Pallets have been upgraded - This improved design is remarkably light weight. Maximum Weight reduction and honeycomb aluminum have been used to produce the lightest sleeve printing solution available today. These are made to order so please allow a reasonable amount of time when planning your purchase. Hinged Sleeve pallets are available for most automatic and manual machinery.

  • Sleeve Sizes Available: From 3" and up.

  • Overall Length of Pallet: Std 24", others Available

  • Overall Weight of Assembly: 6.5lbs/3 kg

  • Machines which can use this solution: MHM, M&R® , Anatol, SRoque

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